Selecting A Coach

As the new year begins I want to address the importance of selecting a coach for your child’s development in tennis. The education of the high performance tennis coach requires years of training both formally and informally and this learning never ends. The quote above highlights the importance of continuing education for every individual, but are especially relevant for the tennis coach. To be a successful coach, a good overall understanding of tactics, technique, biomechanics, growth and development, strength and conditioning, mental skills training, coaching theory and many other disciplines are very important for the development of the player. The USTA High Performance Coaching Education Department provides high quality resources to help the coach stay current with the most relevant and practical education materials to improve the quality of training of tennis players. The High Performance Coaching department provides a number of important resources for all coaches working with competitive players—from children playing with the red ball on a 36 foot court all the way up to ATP and WTA professionals. Listed below are the major sections that a certified High Performance Coach possess in their skill set. General Coaching for Tennis 10 and Under Tennis High Performance Coaching Sports Medicine & Injury Prevention Strength & Conditioning for Tennis Sport Science for Tennis As tennis continues to advance with exciting opportunities for the coach, the ones who will continue to succeed are the coaches willing to stay current on the latest information. The USTA Coaching Education department provides these opportunities as one continues their education as a tennis coach in order to help your players succeed in tennis and in life. At Johnny Angel Tennis we are certified USTA High Performance Coaches who stay on the cutting edge of sports science and tennis. Your child deserves the best.